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Pristine Cleans technicians are specially trained to clean fabrics that other companies are just not qualified to clean. Backed by over 20 year of experience our process is guaranteed to be safe for all your wool, silk and cotton fabrics.

Pristine Clean special treatment for oriental and Indian rug cleaning.

   (1) We 1st deeply pre-extract all the lose dry soil with our special heavy duty industrial extractor.

   (2) We then apply a color stabilizer to the rug this will stabilize all the colors that are found in most oriental & Indian rugs.

   (3) The cleaner that we use is specially designed to safely and thoroughly clean these difficult natural fabrics. We find that this special cleaner restores these colors to their natural luster.

   (4) Pristine cleans special extraction rinse is designed to remove not only the soil but to neutralize the pH which is very important when cleaning your special and expensive investment.

If  you’ve thought about cleaning your oriental or Indian rugs whether they’re new or antique. You now can feel confident that our experience will not only clean your fine fabrics safely, But also to restore them to tier original luster.

Most oriental and Indian rugs can be cleaned on location right in your home. Call our office @ (602) 230-9860 for more details.

Menu of services:

Upholstery cleaning

Tile & Grout cleaning

Pet Odor removal

Pet stain Removal

Dye Stain Removal

Pet Odor Removal:

Pristine Clean does pay special attention to Pet stains and we include pet odor treatment as part of our process.  We use the best pet enzymes needed to treat each stain. In most cases this is all that is needed to remove most pet odors and stains.

In severe situations it may be necessary to remove and replace the carpet pad and clean and treat the carpet backing and sanitize the flooring underneath with an odor barrier.

This service must be inspected and quoted by our specialist if necessary and would be preformed at an additional charge.

Pristine Cleans Air Duct Cleaning: 

We no longer provide this service.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

?Pristine Clean also cleans commercial carpet we use an encapsulating process. This process leaves the carpet completely dry in approximately 1 hour.

First we take our industrial extractors and extract all the fine dry soil that accumulates at the base of the fibers. If left to long this soil can cause permanent discoloration in traffice lanes in a short period of time.

We then pretreat the entire carpeted areas with our specialy formulated prespray. This prespray is infused with natural citrus to literally melt the soil away. Although it is tough on soil it is gentle on carpet and deep down deodorizes as it cleans.

The carpet is then gently shampooed with the encapsulating foam that suspends the soil so it can be completely removed in the post extraction process.

Then carpet is left fresh and clean and ready for foot traffic in about 1-2 Hours.

Carpet Repair:

We can recommend several high qualified  Carpet installers who would complete repairs for you.

Call our office give us a description of your repair work needed so we may 

Help get you to the right professional.

In some cases where stains are permanent we also offer carpet patching if the customer has extra carpet.

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