Our Special treatment for Upholstery!

Pristine Clean Treatment For Upholstery!

We take pride in the fact that we  specialize in all fabrics and no matter what fabric we are cleaning the price is always the same!

Step # 1 As with our carpet cleaning process this first step is a deep vacuum of all the loose dry soil with our industrial extractor.

Step # 2  We  pre-spot any areas that need extra attention such as where the arms and head comes in contact with the fabric. we also pay attention to any spills or ground in soil caused during everyday use.

Step # 3  As with any great cleaning method a little agitation is necessary 

to separate and emulsify the soil from the fabric. We accomplish this by hand scrubbing all areas of  your upholstery.

Step # 4  We then post extract all the soil. this removes not only the soil but any excess moisture & your upholstery should be dry within 4-6 hours depending on the material.

We also offer Teflon protection if you would like for an additional charge. 

Just ask Technician for details.