Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our Special Tile Cleaning Process!

The 1st Step in the Tile & Grout cleaning process is we apply a special cleaner on not only the grout but the entire tiled surface.

Step #2 we then agitate the cleaner into all the grout joints this allows the cleaner to emulsify the soil.

we then allow for a little dwell time. (Photo top right)

In some cases we will also run a floor scrubbing machine over the entire surface this is done 

on Imitation stone & in severe cases.

Step #3 is the power rinse. 

This machine is equipped to apply water at high pressure up to 1200 psi. This flushes out any stubborn debris and extracts all in a single pass. You can see the clean path it leaves in Photo's below in the gallery.

Step #4 is the wiping of the cleaned area with absorbant white towels this will allow foot traffic

immediately after. The grout will remain a little splotchy until completely dry in approximately 2-3 hrs.

We also clean Travertine.

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